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Grading: simply a 'B' instead of 'V' in the commonly used system, (V5=7a).

Sugar Loaf

1- B4 Left edge of the uphill side, blunt arete.

2- B1 Scooped, pocketed wall facing the small stream.

3- B3 "Artificial Route" short hanging arete..

   B8/9 "Brush Electric" Start the vague undercut arete to the L by underclinging the small OH (Baxter's Wall direct).

4- B5 "Local Hero" The stream side wall direct.

    B7 "Chipless Hero" Local Hero without any creative holds.

5- B4 "Baxter's Wall" Start Local Hero but escape right to the arete.

6- B1 The sadly chiseled rib.

7- B0 More ancient carvings.

    B8 Low start right side of uphill face.

    B8 Direct up centre of uphill face avoiding good stuff out left.

8- B6 "Sugar Loaf Girdle" around the boulder either direction.

Sloping Top (Bouldering Pics)

9- B6 "Slap Happy" Mount the boulder's right hand rounded nose.

    B8 "Sit Happy" sit start to Slap Happy, extra value with the following finish.

    B8 "Unhappy" finish without the good hold out R for the final slab.

10- B5 "Fat Slapper" Short wall to the sloping arete finish.

11- B2 "The Slot" Another rounded finish.

The Slab

12- B1 "The Slab" Right arete of the Slab.

13- B0 Centre of the chipped slab.

Stream Boulder

14- B1 Short arete on the downhill side.

15- B0 The short face & pull over finish.

16- B1 Traverse R to the prior pull over finish from the groove.

17-B0 The vague groove above the stream.

The Tank

18- B2 "Elephant's Bum" Obvious E facing feature. B4/5 without carvings.

      B9/10 Sit start to Elephants bum (B7 just for start) then traverse left to and around the arete (feet low).

      B9 "Stateside" Steep thin layback R of Elephant's Bum. No Carved Holds (including the chipped foot).

19- B4 "Enhancing Hero" Just R of the arete (without touching it) rock up & finish the slab. B7 from a sit start.

20- B0 More enhanced holds this time up the arete.

21- B0 The flaky wall from the trough on the uphill side.

22- B0 Left leaning crack-line.

23- B0 The Easy Way Down

24- B1 Easiest way through the chippings. Many possible eliminates.

25- B6 "Think Tank" Gain the line of flakes with difficulty and follow them left.

26- B7 "Tanker" Direct up to the last move of Think Tank.

     B? Still a project dyno on the left side of the down hill face. Recently broken & even harder?

Shell Shot

27- B0 "Shell Shot" The arete closest to the wall/fence.

28- B0 "Shell Shock" Slab's centre via two holes.

29- B4 "The Cannon" An eliminate up to & beyond the flake.

The Whale

30- B1 the crackline facing the stream.

31- B6 "Grit Style" The classic bulging wall.

32- B3 Short pocketed wall.

The Scoop

33- B3 Direct up the left side.

34- B3 Takes the wall above the scoop.

35- B0 "The Scoop" Into the scoop and exit R.


36- B3 The arete on its Left hand side.

37- B7 "Winsome" E2 6c in the book, the tall pebbly slab.

38- B2 "West's Route" Left hand side of the face passing an overlap.

39- B3 "The Nipple" Right-hand side of the arete

40- B4 "Forefinger Exercise" Girdle of the boulder, either direction.

41- B3 Eliminate up the Black slab.

42- B0 Up the chipped slabby wall.


43- B5 "Youth" Left side of the steep slab.

44- B8 "Directissima" The slick central line on the slab, At least three ascents before being dubbed Miles' slab. (FA: Dougie Hall)

45- B6 Mess around starting low on the boulder's right end.

PDF topo (much more complete) from Steven Denderfield's excellent web site.


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