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Stunt/Aerial rigging, Screen Actors Guild Member, Professional Climber

 ● Rigging

Over twenty years of experience, rigging in the entertainment industry, feature films, stunt sequences, commercials and documentaries.

Stunt rigs, fall sequences, camera rigging for grips and many still photographers plus safety officer position for several 'high angle' location shoots.

Instruction in Industrial Access, Safety & Working at Height for TAG.





 ● Talent

Featured in several North Face productions originally for Rush HD cable channel also aired on Nat Geo & Discovery channels. Several climbing videos plus appearances on many networks including the BBC and most recently ESPN Aventura channel. Plus currently airing Imax film, Everest documentary 'The Wildest Dream'...

On screen double in various high angle locations and stunt sequences. Screen Actors Guild Member.

  • Aerial rigging for events & festivals: BA concerts,... San Juan province's Festival of the Sun,...
  • Rigging for Magician Gustavo Raley's escaping a straight jacket while hanging from a crane.
  • Rigging for aerial dancers and hanging a banner on the Obelisk in Buenos Aires.
  • Numerous stunt rigs for Television shows with Stunt co-ordinators Ernie Orsatti, Noon Orsatti, Troy Gilbert,…
  • Stunt / Aerial rigging on many feature films, commencing with 'The Fan' and 'Cable Guy',... 
  • The Nose of Yosemite’s El Capitan with Videographer Rob Raker. Peloton Productions.
  • "Islands in the Sky" Madagascar climbing production for NBC with Videographer/Director. Michael Brown. American Adventure Productions.
  • Aerial rigging for production "On the limit". Bigger Picture Productions, UK.
  • El Capitan's Muir Wall Television production with Michael Brown, Serac Films.
  • Rigging for still Photo shoots: Photographers, John Mireles, David Roth, Corey Rich, Gregg Epperson, Galen Rowell,...
  • Complete familiarity and knowledge of all equipment,... Fall sequences, camera positions, safety,...





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  • Recent ESPN Aventura interview.
  • Engaged in a documentary project with UK production company, Bigger Picture.
  • Altitude Films Mt Everest expedition.
  • Rush HD Network. The North Face/New Line Productions, TV production 'Journey to the Hand of Fatima', climbing trip to Mali, West Africa. Published on my video page here.
  • Outdoor Life Network, Two TV productions featuring big-wall climbing on Yosemite's  El Capitan.
  • A Video Guide to Aid Climbing. (general release Video)
  • West Coast Pimp. (general release Video)
  • Above the Smog line. (general release Video)
  • BBC news, commenting on Int'l meet.
  • Rush HD Network. North Face/Serac Productions, Sight to Summit TV production on Himalayan Cataract Project & climb of 6440m Cholatse.
  • Rush HD Network. North Face/RG TV, production on Expedition to Morocco's Taghia Cirque.
  • Hewlett Packard Television commercial. Talent Partners, Inc, On Screen double for stunt sequence.

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Armin Van Buuren in Bs As

San Juan Province, Festival of the Sun

Ultra Festival


Second annual rig for aerial dancers and banner hanging on the Obelisk in Buenos Aires.