Recent Project in the old home area:


As part of a health initiative in North West England the U-Project was spring-boarded in 2010 through Oldham Outdoor Pursuits.



     What is the U Project?


If you’d like to get active in the outdoors you’re in the right place! Here you can find out about what the U Project is and what activities and projects are currently running.If you’d like to get active in the outdoors...

The U Project is a non-profit organisation based in Oldham that aims to enhance the delivery of outdoor physical activities and promote the benefits these activities have on our health and well being.
This is achieved by working closely with and bringing together other organisations involved with delivering outdoor physical activity. We support existing initiatives and clubs plus help develop new initiatives to further all activities. We aim to provide accessible pursuits to all with the goal of encouraging wider participation by Oldham’s residents in all outdoor recreation and use of countryside resources.
U project will create employment for trained volunteers within the community. Opportunities made available to individuals of all ages & from all areas of the borough promoting social inclusion & integration.








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