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Satellite connectivity from the field:

Website publishing/updating, email, file transfer from anywhere on the planet,... Becoming a Professional climber following graduation from Manchester University with an Engineering degree granted an understanding and fine tuned perspective of communication technology. Through numerous expeditions  I used and have watched development that allowed a good communication thread to be maintained. Times beyond ever reaching cell towers & phone/data lines when connectivity is necessary have arrived. Not just the ability to send and receive voice & data also a layer of safety is added.

  Dispatches direct to server for immediate publishing:

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Whatever need be sent or specific uplink be made,

Recent dispatches, videos and images from Everest's summit with the Altitude Film Expedition

Film web site: "The Wildest Dream".

For your project's communication from a remote location contact a specialist.  Dispatch & communication experience from many Expeditions. Communication chief in Morocco, Nepal (twice), Pitcairn Island , two expeditions to Patagonia & previous trips to India, Alaska, Mali, Chile,... Images & text (video on recent ventures) were sent from portable satellite device coupled to a PDA. Several recent trips have involved live internet updates published directly from the field: Data sent to pre-established server side templates enabling rich results from a highly portable devices. From Tropical South Pacific or the dusty Sahara to the roof the Himalaya, tried, tested, proved.

Direct file transfer; web site publishing, FTP transfer of all file types plus; high resolution images, documents, video,.. Experienced with all Satellite systems (Inmarsat, Rbgan, Iridium, Globalstar,...) & relevant operating systems (Windows, Mac, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian,..).




      Examples of recent work for North Face & Explorers Web: