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Bigwalls to Breadfruit, is a PDF offering an example of a show previously delivered to UK & US audiences (or view as a Flash movie). Presentation is changed each year/tour plus can easily be customised for specific event themes.

Further short PDF examples are: Pitcairn Island, Morocco's Taghia cirque, Mt Everest '07 North side ascent,  Big Wall climbing in Borneo and a journey down Britain's Pennine Way.

Presentations, International Meets, Motivational speaking plus an semi-annual tour in the UK and Western US: Climbing festivals, club slideshows and many appearance events. Last year Banff Film Festival world tour and more recently presented several UK shows.

Review from a recent appearance in Britain (sell out), organised by retailer Mountainfeet.

A recent, quickie impromptu show in Sheffield, UK  was reviewed on UK Climbing as "The best slot to date!".