Den Lane Quarry

Bouldering topos; an overlooked Mecca, I think not, but certainly a fun evening.

While approaching, the first area into view is Long Wall, Whimsical

and Rake walls are found by following the uphill path to the right.


1- B0 "Irish Jig" cracks passing a slot.

2- B3 "Hadrian's Wall" step off the L block and finish up arÍte

3- B6/7 "Hadrian's Direct" straight up no block or arÍte

4- B0 "Ash Tree Direct" crack & groove to the tree or R around the overhang

5- B1 "The Ramp" the wall R, crescent hold to sloping finish

6- B3 Can-can without the crack, dyno from low B6

7- B1"Can-Can" the short crack onto the ramp

8- B0 short corner capped by overhang

9- B3 short problem up the block's centre

10-B0 "Tango" crack

11-B1 "Between" side pulls then over the small overhang

12-B0 "Calypso Crack" crack at the left end of undercut wall

13-B9 "Vortex" start low, stay between the cracks without using them

14-B4 "Quickstep" left crack only

15-B5/6 "Fire Power" right thinner crack only

16-B9 "Glue Direct" straight up to the hanging flake

17-B5/6 "Pass the Araldite" reach from the R to attain the flake

18-B0 first section of "Jive" to its ledge.

19-B0 start "Palais Glide" then traverse L to the ledge

20-B5 "Hall's Wall" wall 6ft left of corner, step over to ledge

21-B0 a few moves of "Orchestral Crack" to the ledge

22-B0 to the first ledge of "Three Notch Slab"

23-B3 direct up the slab's centre, many variations

24-B3/4 left side of the arÍte

25-B4 right side of the arÍte.

    B3/4 traverse to #8 from #24

26-B2 "Peg Free" thin crack containing a rusty remnant

27-B2 "Waltzing" traverse R from 26 via the flake, possibly finish up:

28-B3 "The Last Waltz" pull over the roof

1- B2 "Splitter" crack to nowhere

2- B8 "ArÍte Me Not" up the arÍte's left side without the crack

3- B? "Stopper" the arÍte

4- B0 "The Whim" the corner

5- B6 "Whimsical" 5ft right of corner, use the small crescent

6- B7 "Scoop" 3ft right, follow shallow groove, finish direct

7- B5 "BT" layback the left side of the arÍte

8- B0 short corner

9-B0/1 "Beer Walk" low level traverse of the Rake Wall area

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