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A delightful compact sandstone, rich in history, easy to access & wonderful for climbing upon.

Wimberry Rocks (aka Indian's Head) topo & route list. Best grit crag anywhere??

Chew Valley's finest short gems at the Wimberry boulders.

The much lesser know bouldering of Den Lane Quarries.

Topos and online guide to the Chew from Steve Denderfield.

Other sites: Graded List of Hard Grit's finest offerings, Jon Read.

Complete on-line guide of the BMC's Lancashire Rock.

Complete list of British crags from &

Post-guidebook listings database.

Bouldering on Yorkshire Grit.

For further info on Chew Valley's steep resources check Steven Denderfield's excellent web site.

Not grit but ever so fun, seastack & cliff guide to Orkney.


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