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Pots and Pans
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Den Lane
Running Hill Pits
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Chew Valley

Climbing in Chew Valley ranges from the natural moorland gritstone edges, fringing the high plateau surrounding Dovestones Reservoir, to the many gritstone quarries which pepper the hillsides of Saddleworth.

The most popular bouldering in Chew is at Wimberry, where natural grit boulders are scattered across the hillside under Wimberry crag itself. There are many other bouldering venues, some of very good quality with the odd hidden gem on the other natural and quarried edges in the area.

There are hundreds of quality routes to lead in Chew, away from the obvious venue of Wimberry. From the sun and savage surroundings of Standing Stones to the fierce cracklines found in many of the quarries.

Climbing in Chew Valley is often a solitary and remote experience, with many of the natural grit crags being at an elevation of approx 1500 feet and often exposed to the prevailing westerlies. Consequently many of the crags feel very exposed partially due to the steep drop off to the valley floor. Also some of the crags can be a tad green. Don't let this put you off, it usually adds to the character of the routes.

Topos as PDF files:

Alderman's Bouldering

Charnel Stones

Den Lane, Den Lane Bouldering

Dovestone's Lower Right Quarry

Duckstones Bouldering

Oven-stones Bouldering

Pots & Pans Quarry

Running Hill Pits, Running Hill Bouldering

Wimberry Boulders

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