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Guided Climbing

For all newcomers looking to try a first climb or an expert training for a specific goal, I'm ready to help expand precipitous horizons

Guiding experience has been accrued through many years working in Southern California, where I am still currently available through Mark Bowling's Joshua Tree Rock Climbing School. I've also served many seasons with Vertical Adventures: Including numerous Alpine & Big Wall ventures. 

As a member of The North Face Team & professional climber for many years I've been lucky enough to see much of the world; from the Alps to the Himalaya, Alaska to Patagonia, most of Asia's Mountainous regions plus a few forays into Africa and even the South Pacific,...

Alpine, Big Walls, Multi-Pitch, cragging, instruction, rope work, techniques,... Accomplished in organizing expeditions to all continents.

Since days of youth spent roaming Northern English Gritstone crags I personally haven’t come close to exhausting outdoor enthusiasm: Whether your desire steers toward a sunny day of multi-pitch climbing, some top-roped instruction at a local cliff,  midwinter ascent of a frozen waterfall or multi-day big wall jaunts...

Recent work with Oldham's U Project proved successful in imparting knowledge to all comers. U-Project is a non-profit organisation based in Oldham that aims to enhance delivery of outdoor physical activities in order to promote health benefits and general well being. This is achieved by close work with existing clubs plus bringing together other organisations involved with physical education. Ideally: Maintaining key support and links with existing organisations and furthering development of fresh initiatives. The basis is to provide activity for all and encourage wider participation in recreation and awareness of the region's rich outdoor resource. For more information contact U Project.  


Expertise and knowledge have been found. References readily available








Recent Courses/Instruction with Punto Cumbre:

Capilla del Monte & in-house clinics.







The U Project is a non-profit organisation springboarded in 2010 & based in Oldham with the aim to enhance the delivery of outdoor physical activities and promote the benefits these activities have on our health and well being.